Renee' Longwalker

Swamp Wanderer and survivor of Verruchio Falls.


Renee’ (the name the humans gave him to avoid trying to make the deep croaking sound of his native tongue) is a bullywug: A short squat amphibian with huge bulging eyes and mottled grey-green skin that shifts slightly in the light. He stands 3’6", with long fingers and webbed toes. When not in the swamp waters, he wears a motley cloak made of various mosses, skins, shells, and weeds. When away from the cool moisture of his home he dons a home-made straw hat to keep then sun off of his skin. Renee’ has a highly distinctive aroma that makes it unpleasant to stand down-wind of him.

He carries a small bamboo blowgun with various poison needles and a short spear with a forked end for catching food.


Renee’ is one of the few survivors or the Bite Fish tribe of Bullywugs who used to inhabit the Dark Swamps that separate R’sel from Durnhall. The Bite Fish tribe went to war with the Three Dead Frogs tribe when they refused to join with the dark alliance of evil that was growing in the swamps. They were overrun and forced to flee theirs village. Caught between the enemy tribe and the “invading” settlers of Verruchio Falls, the Bite Fish tribe elders offered to help the outpost in trade for shelter and defense against the forces of evil that sought to destroy them. The Three Dead Frogs tribe was decimated by the combined forces of the bullywugs and townspeople. The Bite Fish tribe then joined with the settlers and taught them survival skills to help them live in the swamps.

Renee’ apprenticed with one of the tribal shaman and learned his druid skills. He found his totem animal (the mosquito) on a spirit quest in the deep swamps. He regularly made the trek from Durnhall to Verruchio Falls to help the supply wagons find their way to the outpost. Upon his return from one of these trips they found the town of Verruchio Falls once again razed. The very stones of the area burned and melted.

As the merchants of Durnhall were beginning to run low on supplies to outfit expeditions, Renee’ decided to make the trek to R’Sel to see if they could assist from their end with the support of the town. Other members of the caravan decided to return to Durnhall, only the Dryad Eilonwy accompanied him on his journey.

Renee' Longwalker

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