Forest06A small woodland village of elven descent. Presently Ra’sel is is tied by commerce to the Deneb Territory. It supplies lumber and freshwater fish primarily as well as pelts, venison, forest legumes and various herbs to the capital. In return, Ra’sel is able to broker hewn stone, supplementary supplies of grain that doesn’t grow in the forest farmlands, and more importantly metals.

Ra’sel has no standing military body, instead depending on a militia of townsfolk who oft rotate the duty of policing/patrolling the borders of the small village. There is a single magistrate who operates as a liaison of Deneb. He is is officially charged with the responsibility of passing judgement in regards to lawbreakers as well as defender of the village in the event of physical danger or disturbance. However, for the most part the people of Ra’sel seek council and judgement through the mayor and those families in the community who hold vested interest and wealth within the community. There is something of a tension there due to the general dislike of the person who was stationed in the role of magistrate. Thus far, the locals try to be polite about it when asked, but the impression is that the magistrate is a little crooked himself, aside from having a poor appearance, slovenly nature and something of a sour disposition.

Ra’sel may be a lumber town in these present times, but there is still a higher than average population of Elves who stayed behind when their people abandoned their woodland kingdom of Sel’vinias so long ago. These elves often work in tandem with the harvesting operations to insure no true damage is coming to the great and ancient wood.

The workmanship of the elves is woven through the little village as well, though only a small number of the ancient elven structures are able to be maintained by comparison to past centuries.
Beautiful glade shrines interspersed between mostly human dwellings give the little village a kind of melting pot feel. A few elven tree structures have been maintained and function as the smithy, town hall and the few remaining watch platforms connected by tree walks, a type of rope bridge high above the forest floor.

A relative peace has stayed with the small village, many believe, due to the remaining enchantment on the lands left by the elves of old. But recent times have made that a lie with recent aggressions beginning to drive away once stolid farmers at the outskirts of the community.
Strange lights in the southern skies and odd tales on the lips of those who normally dwell outside the village limits have all led to a growing sense of dread.

It has long been known that the heart of Sel’Vinia must never be approached.. That some darkness held the ancient capital against incursion. But never had any real threat crossed into the civilized areas of the northern woods. Now stories of the deceased, raised against the natural plague the southern woods. In the meantime, the arachnids of the western woods, a normally peaceful species that never hunted outside its region has been named as the culprit of missing persons reports. Talk of entire caravans being waylaid and drug back into Western Webwood. The people of Ra’sel are frightened, and angry. But none dare strike out, and thus far help from the Magistrate, and Deneb, have been woefully short.


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