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Ritual Magic : Houserule (Read me if you cast rituals!)

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Documents & Archives
In the Beginning : Excerpt from ‘The Plight of Modern Times’
Sins of our Ancestors : The fall of the 2nd Age
Letter from Verruchio Falls : One of the last known missives from a doomed outpost on the edge of the great swamps

The Flickering Lights
The Port City of Deneb : Torn from within. And the people go unnoticed. Who will mend the hope of the region?
Ravenfall : The breadbasket of the Deneb lands. Who will control it, and to what end?
Westwall : The western wall is a wall no more. Refugees bring dark tales. Something must give.
Ra’sel : Village of elven heritage, will she succumb to the dark tide of evil that threatens from the south?
Durnhal : Once a bustling Dwarven tradepost, will dangers of Marsh Road & Saltwind Coast deny hope of survival?
Goldencross : Waystation between the candles of Deneb during these troubled times.

Regional Knowledge

The Hungering Dark
The Black Heart of Sel’Vinia : Castle Nectropos
Plight of the Driven : Tales of a Refugee

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