Letter from Verruchio Falls

Swamp village
I am riting yu to tell you lyfe in the new Town of Verruchio Falls seems to looking up. We finished the last wall of thu palisayd a few weeks ago. Win we fyrst arryved at the ruens of the old towne i wondered wat we had gottin ourselvs intu. It is a guyd place for a town, thyr are gud trees for building nearby, not lykk the twysty swamp wud everywer else. There is fresh watyr coming down frum the hills abovv to towne. But ther is no waterfall anywar. I asked some of the othyr min why the land is callyd Verruchio Falls if thyr ar no waterfalls around. They all lafffed at me. I gess thyr is a joke that I dont no about the name.

The dwarv familee who came with us are verry exsited about the klifs to the south. I didnt understaynd what they ment but they lyk this spot for a towne bekas of something they can maiyn from the hills. Not gold or sylver or stiil or glass so i gues onlee dwarvs want it. Thay sed it iz onlee an or but wil be worth lots after it gits fiyned. You no i am not a miner so hoo nos what it is? sumthing dwarvs want.

We had to fyt evry nite for a long tym when we got hir, but when the walls got put up, most of the kreechurs stopped coming all the tym. But last munth thes wyrd kreechurs came up to the wall. Thay wyr all hurt and woonded and running away from somthing. Too uv them spok kommon tung so they spok wiv Traygon the wizzerd. He told us that they wer running frum anuther trib of thir peepul and needed help. Aftyr the elders talked abowt it for a long tym they desided to help the wyrd peepul hoo look like liddle frog peepul. It was bad and gud. The othyr trib cam the nekst nit and thyr was a huj fyt. We wupped them hard and killed almost all the bad trib. The gud trib sed thay wer verri thankful and wud stay and help us liv in the swamp.

They reeli no these swamps and shoed the hunters and fishers how to ketch lots of stuf that thay nevver wud hav nown abowt. Things ar reeli looking gud now. The elders hav desided to send a egspedishun bak to dwavhal to let them no that this towne of Verruchio Falls is not goeng to be distroyyed lik the othur wons wyr. Traygon the wizzerd sayd everyone hoo kan make leters shud rite a letyr to ther famili and tell them wi ar gud and soon Verruchio Falls shud be ready to hav viziters and caravans to eylf forist can start goying.

He wants a smal grup ov peepul to tak all the lettyrs bak hom. Sum ov the frog peeple that the min ar calling bullywugs ar going to go to. Maybee tha wil sho peeple bak hom that we kan liv in the dark swamp aftyr all. I desyded that i am going to sta her. Mabee neks trip i will kom see yu and breeng you bak to a huj nu haus hyr in the new villaj of Verruchio Falls.

You brovvyr,

Letter from Verruchio Falls

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