In the Beginning

Our world was a place of legendary beauty and peace. Or so say the legends and tale tellers who would paint a picture of our collective past. But the legends of this age are colorfully embellished wishes, designed by our lack of knowledge. The truth is, we no longer know the truth of this worlds deep history. The historians of this time have long since lost any archives pertaining to the ages past. The time of the sundering has taken from us all, the story of our ancestry, the skills of greater civilization, even the collective memories of entire peoples.

We live now in a dark time. A time when even the proud races must bend knee and join the common ilk if we are to survive the encroaching darkness. What is left of the ancient civilizations lie in ruin, the tools of our forefathers lost to us as we flicker like a flame in a vast darkness. Our magics are weak, our people spread wide, and the corrupt fight for the scraps, drag down what humanity we have left.

We need heroes. Heroes who will rise to uncover the technologies and magics of old, to drive back the pressing shadow, to lead what is left of the old civilizations away from the brink of the abyss. For surely we face an end of times. On all sides our collapse has begun. Our survival of the world rending will have been for naught if hope doesn’t come soon.

Excerpt regarding the treaties of ‘Our modern plight’
Scribed and bonded in year 512 AR (After Rending)
Scholar Acillatem of House Duval

In the Beginning

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