Game #1 The Miller's Son and the Battle of the Undead Horseman
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The story of our adventure begins in Ras’el, a small village huddled in the ancient wood of Sel’Vinia and my home for the past several years.

I remember the day well, when I, Alewynn, Bard of the Eladrin, and my companion Faleen of the Drow, were joined by the fierce Chisurah and Eildor Longstride. After a long morning discussing matters with the mayor, Faleen and I were on our way to acquire a much anticipated midday meal when we noticed the enigmatic couple. I welcomed the elf and half-human freely, despite my companion’s usual disinterest in such endeavors, and gave them the humble tour of our village. Though I was never informed as to the initial cause of their arrival to Ras’el, the two quickly became a permanent fixture to our party. I didn’t mind this much as they were pleasing company, if a little elusive with the details of their past. Things remained this way for several months even as the tension in the land rapidly increased.

The most pressing issue among the populace seemed to be the dark presence surrounding the old castle in the South. Nectropos by name and evil by nature, the fortress inspired fear in every whispered mentioning, believed by most to be haunted with ominous spirits. Terror crippled the heart of our small town and it soon became clear that the four of us would no longer be content with inactivity.

One evening, as we all shared a meal in the tavern, Eildor addressed the rumors, proposing that we investigate the truth of the matter. My companion readily agreed, though out of the search for truth or simply the thrill of an adventure, I cannot say. I was left to question the wisdom of such a quest, but in the end agreed to set out at first light with the others. We spent the rest of our evening in lively conversation with the barkeep who provided us with a bit of useful information. It seemed there had been reports of an attack on the outskirts of Ra’sel at a farm belonging to a widow by the name of Maya. The barkeep informed us that we could possibly acquire directions to her homestead by conversing with the Miller’s son, an older boy who might be able to help us for the right price.

The morning dawned bright, the day oblivious to the gravity of our quest, as we arrived at our destination. It was not long before we spotted the Miller and ellicited his help. He agreed on the condition that we assist in repairing his broken mill. He could not spare his son until the source of his livelyhood was up and running again. Of course, this was expected, and with our collaborated efforts and the expertise of the local carpenter, we managed to meet his terms. His son then accompanied us partway and provided us with the remaining directions.

It was at this time that we encountered the first of our supposed enemy. The forest was quiet as we traipsed through the brush; a brook babbled in the distance. All seemed well until I noticed Chisurah’s hand go to the hilt of her sword as her sharp ear picked out something I had not heard. Eildor was not far behind and slowly the whole group became tense with anticipation. Eventually I heard what my companions had caught. A rustling in the brush.. whimpering, frantic panting. Something or someone was moving toward us at a breakneck speed. Faleen and Eildor sprang forward, moving quickly toward the sound as Chisurah and I hid ourselves among the trees. After a few moments, we could make out a figure through the undergrowth. A bloodied man with crazed eyes, one mangled arm hanging limp at his side. He flew past Faleen and Eildor without a glance as they stepped out into a small clearing towards him. But soon the man would be the least of our worries. Faleen let out a shout as the hair stood on my flesh. I could sense it now.. a stench of something rotten. So decrepit and foul my soul recoiled in disgust. I could only wonder what kind of demon was nearby.

“There’s three!” Eildor shouted back to us. I could hear the sound of Faleen’s blade begin to cut flesh. Arrows from Eildor’s swift bow whistled through the trees. Chisurah darted left, I went right, and that’s when I saw it. A grotesque horse and rider heading towards me with ill intent. I let out a staggering note that slammed into the monster, sending putrid flesh spewing in all directions. The sound pushed the creature towards the others, providing a better opportunity to strike. The battle raged on as my companions struck again and again with ferocity and valor as I used the powerful magic of the warsong to deal a fatal blow. Chisurah used her blade to cut the last creature down, and a spray of pus and rotting innards fell over the whole lot of us. I stood trembling..horrified by the implications of the disgusting creatures when I noticed that Faleen sagged against a tree, nearly dead. I ran to him, gently placed my hand on his chest and began to sing a song of rest laden with healing magic. With eyes closed I could sense not only my own but the strength of the other travelers returning. I pulled away from Faleen, gave him a weary smile and suggested we move to the river to clean ourselves and recuperate from battle…

End of Log Entry I

Alewynn of the Eladrin

Game #2 Outline
  • Party searches area of Zombie and the Woodsman fight. Recovers satchel of 400 silver.
  • Party cleans off at nearby river, then return to attempt to track woodsman’s path of flight to source. Unable to successfully complete tracking, the party returns to path to Maya the Widow.
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  • Party encounters and engages a strange obelisk surrounded by a purple forest corrupting mist and a swath of skeletons. Faleen throws rock. ZORCH! Obelisk and mist remain, party navigates around and continues to destination.
  • Party befriends Maya and spends the night after hearing her tale. Survey damage to farm from attack on the following morning.
  • Party, lead by Maya, seek the council of one of the two nearby locals in regards to the possible source of attack. After speaking to the slightly crazed hermit, the party learns of outlying forts that were part of old Elven Kingdom that now lie in ruin.
  • Party returns to Maya’s to pick up tracks of the farm’s assailants. Tracks follow river south, upstream, then cut into dense woods ending (or beginning) from an empty glade. Party hear’s wolf howl mid day deeper in forest and seeks to find source, but is repelled by density of woods for quick travel.
  • Party gives chase, following up river in general direction ending at a cliff face and waterfall. Pond filled with slime and muck. Investigation leads to terrifying encounter with Shambling Mound.
  • Party forced to retreat after skirmish to rescue Eildor from Shambling Mound’s clutches. Party falls back to woods to recoup, only to spot supernaturally large wolf scenting and pacing the clifftop overlook.
  • Party remains hidden, then returns down river to Maya’s estates to acquire directions to second local for more information.
  • Party back tracks past the Obelisk, navigating around it’s area and successfully locate the other small homestead.
  • Homestead appears to have been sacked, with it’s occupant forced to leave rapidly. Search reveals a half recovered stash of treasure (200 silver, 2 ritual scrolls, various components, and an enchanted onyx dog statue). Investigation of tracks lend the possibility that the woodsman that died to zombies that the party finished off two days past was the owner of this homestead.
Game #4 Vision of the wolf

The others are here, going through this wood with a purpose. One is uncertain what that purpose is, but it cannot be good. These do not seem a threat, one cannot be too careful. Especially after what happened. This one will continue to follow those others until they make a mistake. It will be their loss, of which one cares not.
These are going towards the evil place. One could simply allow stupidity to take care of these, for any are stupid to go there. One will wait and see what happens.
Ah, these have stopped for the ending of the day cycle. Smart. These have an oddness to them. These do not seem normal. One will wait for an opportunity to occur. One feels caution is necessary. A little closer perhaps. These have unnatural abilities to sense things.
Some of these are heading my way, separate from the others. Now is the opportunity. One advances on the other. Aaaaahhhhhhrrg! Where did this light come from? And now there are two. No matter, it is no challenge for this one. Someone must pay for this one’s hurt. One decides to charge the others but a mighty wind comes from nowhere. Unnatural. One…must….must….figh, no, one….must stop and not hurt these new ones. These are now my pack and this one must protect them from the evil that is here.
One will go to this green one and wait.
These seek to go to the high ground? No, No, this must not be. It is the place of the evil!!! These do not understand but one must protect. These are determined to go up. One must see them safely, then, to their task. Good, these are following. One will lead these to the go up area. These are slow, but still determined.
Good, we make it to the high ground, but wait, why do these wish to go the evil way? It must not be. This one cannot stop them. This one will follow along and, what is that? That smell? THE EVIL ONES! One will take care of this, though one must leave this pack. Maybe what is done can be undone and one will get back the pups. THERE! Just going out of sight. This one will cut it off and have satisfaction.
YES!!! One is gaining on the evil one and it is by itself. Stupid evil one. One must be very quiet. Almost there…..and….GOT HIM!
This one will find the others and show them the evil one. They are at the evil place. Will these always invite danger? No matter, what is done is done. There. The others must understand what is happening.
WolfcubsGood, they understand and are following the tracks of the evil ones. This one will help, no, they will hurt the pups! No, these are part of the pack. There! Up ahead! The pups are there. So young, but full of bite. Good pups! We will take of these evil ones and these others, no these others are good. One must help them. These others are now fighting the evil ones. This good and distracts the evil ones so one can pick them one by one. That is this binding around the pups? Why can they not get free?! They are in agony, and one must get them.
Grrrrrrr, who are these with my pups? When one is finished with this evil ones, this one will take care of these. Wait, these are releasing the pups and the pups are calm. One will see what happens. These do not seem to hurt the pups. This is good for them.
They are free and running to this one. Good. These are safe for now, for this one will not hunt them in thanks for freeing the pups. But there is always a tomorrow.

Game #4 Outline

Maya s j01

  • After the 2nd battle outside the expanding danger of the Necrotic obelisk along the pathway to Maya’s, the party sought solace and a night’s rest at Maya’s estate.
  • The party solidified their plan to navigate the deeper woods and cross country into the area they suspect contains the old ruins of one of the elven defensive forts.
  • The party proceeded to travel cross country.
  • Party Noticed Large Beast stalking them within the wood line paralleling their path of travel while moving towards their destination
  • Party arrives at base of cliff at dusk and decide to set up a small perimeter defense and camp the night, posting guards (sleepless elves for the most part)
  • In the deep early morning, one of the guards heard some kind of movement in the brush and awakened the party. After some exploratory actions, two of the party moved out of the protective enclosure to investigate at which time a large wolf attacked from a different direction. Between the witch’s vision and some quick work with charm magic, the conflict was resolved with the wolf temporarily allied to the party.
  • The party, after some discussion changed their course of travel from climbing the cliff to following the wolf along an unknown path of travel which lead to a means up the cliff side.
  • The party arrived at the site of the old Elven fort ruins and began investigating. Discovering what looked to be evidence of Kobold inhabitants, the party found what looked like wolf cub tracks, leading the party to believe that the mother wolf they had charmed was being coerced by the Kobolds as her cubs were held hostage.
  • The party setup to stage an ambush, but as time passed, picked up clues from the she wolf, and then tracks, that the Kobolds had taken her cubs and made a hasty retreat from the ruins.
    Kobold wolf 01 Kobold wolf 03
  • In hot pursuit, the party made time to catch the Kobolds, which in time lead to to a fierce battle in the middle of the woods. In the end, the charm spell broke on the she wolf, but her aims were to free her cubs, which the party was able to successfully accomplish resulting in her non-aggression. Of the battle, 4 Kobolds escaped, fleeing into the woods.
  • The party split into two groups to pursue the fleeing Kobolds, hoping to capture and gain information on the situation relating to Maya’s estates, and the strange nature of their comings and goings and any possible connections to the encroachment of Nectropos’ dark power.
  • The first group made a hasty path cross country, attempting, and then successfully cutting off 3 of the Kobolds. The second group pursued the original tracks, slower, but ending with the face off with the wounded and near death Kobold who had posed a very fierce defense during the initial conflict. Outnumbered this Kobold begged for his life, and promised a great reward should the party heal him and allow him to leave. After much negotiating and intimidation, the party was able to acquire this treasure (surprised that the Kobold spoke true) and upheld their portion of the agreement, healing the Kobold and leaving him to flee the region.
  • Above the cliff top path, the party has rejoined its forces and now plan their next step in the journey.
Game #4 Odd Occurrence

We are retracing our steps….good for the new hero’s that join us, but we are wasting our time…we should be searching for these beast that attacked Maya’s farm. After going over the locations we have come up with a plan to head toward the ruins. Finally, we can continue to track these creatures. WAIT….I feel like eyes are piercing me from the side. The air gives no smell, but it is keeping up with us. It has not attacked us yet, but I will be watchful of what is out there. For not all things are friendly in this land…

We are at the cliff side now and are setting up camp. The eyes, I felt earlier, are still on us. Movement sets off a trap set by the frog like companion. It is gone, movement and tactics…. hmm…is this what I think….but how can it be. They never travel by their self. We will see…There is a light over head. It give off light as the ball in the sky would during the day. We saw the creature. IT IS ALL ALONE!!!!! There is something wrong with the wolf. Our arcane friend charmed this beast…I will still be cautious while she is around.

Kobold pot pie Up the wall we go, but not the way I would like. The wolf leads us another way. We have come to this area that looks like an old elven out post…hmm…something isn’t right. The wolf isn’t with us. The fire here is new…these tracks are new. We will follow them for they are not that far. HAH!!! Time for my pet and I to get a little training in. As we entered into battle with these creatures we saw the pups, and the mother trying to help them. We must help her with the pup for the mother of all nature will bless us. As we slay them one by one they begin to run..Cowards!!!!

I will post the head of there tribe on this pole to let them know what will become of them..May they know not to ever mess with us or natures creatures ever again….

~Eildor (Shadow of the Forest)

Game #4 Faleen's Perspective (aka, the truth)

The Journey of Reluctant and Practical Chivalry Continues

After the ordeal at the obelisk and the purple mist of doom and decay, during which I skillfully and bravely dispatched many foes, we finally arrived back at Maya’s farmstead, in the hopes that she would give us some food to so that we could prove that the path between the two cities was safe and that trade was possible and profitable. I still wonder how I was convinced to undertake this endeavor to help people who were either too weak or apparently too stupid to recognize the threat they faced and respond accordingly. Despite my waning desire to fulfill our mission, I still can look back and see the logic and practicality of doing it. There was indeed a great evil awakening in the land, and at some point it would find me, and I would rather face it on my terms and with the possible support of a few towns, than with nothing. If this meant I had to embark on some outrageous and dangerous quests to help people I had little to no care about, so be it. I often find it funny how I am now regarded as such a hero, when in reality, my true motivation for doing all I did, was out of a base selfish desire to give myself the best chances of surviving the evil that was growing in the land.

I suppose you are bored with my musings, so I shall return to the purpose of my writing, which is to recount our journey as accurately (or inaccurately) as I see fit. So we had arrived at Maya’s, desiring food to begin our journey to Durnhal. Being small minded and unable to grasp the larger picture, Maya of course refused initially. All she currently cared about was that her precious little farm had been attacked by some strange creatures and we had not yet dealt with them. It wasn’t important that a far greater evil was growing that would inevitably destroy her farm and her with it if she didn’t help us unite the land against it, her only concern was that of her current predicament and nothing beyond. Humanity’s lack of foresight still continues to amaze me.

Unable to make her see reason we agreed to go search again for the strange creatures. Perhaps with the new addition of the strange frog man and our new do gooder tree woman, we might have better luck tracking whatever attacked Maya. We searched around for some time but made no more progress than last time we searched. We eventually reached the decision to investigate the elven outpost ruins south of us that the crazy hermit Jed had told us about. After crossing the local river we began walking through an open meadow with a forest to our right. At some point, those in our group more in tune with nature felt that something was watching us from the woods. We began to search for something and though the shape could not be made out through the dark trees, something decently large was indeed following us. We kept wary of it but it left us alone during our trek. We reached the cliff face around dusk and decided to stop for the night. We found an area partially enclosed by some bushes and a thicket of trees that was suitable to set up camp. We proceeded to set up some traps and alarm systems around our camp and then went to sleep. During my watch around midnight, I heard a strange noise a little ways away. I roused the camp and immediately left to investigate the noise. While investigating the noise I inadvertently triggered some kind of hunters trap and soon found myself hanging fifteen feet off the ground upside down hanging from a rope bound around my ankle. In my anger at being caught by so simple a trap I made the mistake of cutting the rope and fell to the ground and was knocked unconscious.

I suddenly awakened where I had fallen. My head hurt quite a bit and I was hungry and parched. I looked up at the sun which had now risen above the horizon and suddenly realized that it was now early morning. I scrambled to my feet and headed back to camp only to find that my tactically challenged friends had left. It was only typical that they were foolish enough to run off into trouble without their best fighter to be with them. The only other member worth anything in melee combat was that haughty ranger, the rest of the group were wasted in close combat. Knowing that the group would need my help if they had to fight anything (and wanted to win) I searched the cliffs we had been planning to climb to see if they had left any clue as to where they went up. I eventually found some obvious footprints scattered around what looked like a possible path up the cliff face. I also noticed what looked like a large dog-like track and then remembered that something had followed us yesterday. I began to suspect a fight may have happened, but there was no blood on the ground and no bodies, so it was unlikely. With my concerns laid to rest I began to scramble up the path, almost falling a few times. I eventually arrived at the top and few a few more boot prints on the ground. I ran off in the direction they appeared to be heading in.

As luck would have it, I eventually caught up with my friends. Being in the good physical shape I was in, I was able to run at a brisk pace and catch them without being too tired. The first thing I noticed was that a large wolf was amidst the group. I readied my blade in alarm but the group quickly stopped me and told me the story of what happened while I was gone. Apparently this wolf had entered the camp shortly after I left (a good decision on my part in hindsight). The hamadryad Eilonwy somehow perceived that the wolf had recently had pups using her wondrous skills of perceiving useless things. I would have killed the wolf on the spot, but that is neither here nor there. Without my strong handed guidance the group concocted some half baked scheme to befriend the wolf under the ridiculous notion that the same creatures that attacked Maya’s had stolen this wolf’s pups and that the wolf could now help us find and fight these creatures. And then this is where I came in. Despite the outright absurdity of what the group had decided to do based off of their ridiculous assumptions about the vaguest of situations, I went along with them and we continued to track the creatures.

When we caught up, I was genuinely surprised to see that these kobold things did indeed have several captured wolf pups with them. Perhaps my group of companions were not as helpless as I initially thought. Obviously my strong leadership and initiative had begun to rub off on them. We immediately engaged in combat, catching the creatures by surprise. I spotted a large, mean looking one and decided I must kill him. I ran forward and launched on of my javelins at him and shouted in victory as the short spear hit him square in the shoulder with a meaty thunk! He staggered some but still stood, undaunted by his wound. Eildor and his cat friend rushed into melee with me and we soon formed the frontline of the fight. We were soon surrounded by insignificant creatures foolishly trying to attack us. I laughed as my heart filled with the blood lust of battle, my sword swung gracefully through the air, striking all who were foolish enough to get close. I began to lose sight of my companions as my vision clouded red. All I could see were the kobolds and my singing sword as I struck them down. I was vaguely aware of Eilonwy and Alewynn having a bit of trouble with some kobolds. They should have stayed behind us to provide us with support; they had no mind for tactics! Magic users were not front line fighters. Eildor and I continued to tear through our opponents while the collected efforts of Alewynn, Eilonwy, and Renee managed to hold off the kobolds attacking them. Chisurah wisely stayed behind me and Eildor providing us with her skillful ranged support. The mother wolf suddenly came out of nowhere and tore into the kobolds guarding the pups and that’s when the enemy morale really started to disintegrate. The kobolds began fleeing before our awesome might (which I contributed to significantly).

After the battle the wolf chased some down and while she was gone, the animal sympathizers attempted to release the pups from their binding. They charmed them with some kind of nature magic and released them. Just then the mother wolf returned, gathered her pups, and left us. We decided we should split up and try to catch the fleeing kobolds in an effort to see if any of them who had useful information. I went with Alewynn and Eilonwy while Eildor, Chisurah and Renee went together. My group quickly tracked down a small group of kobolds. When we confronted them, they tried to run and we easily slaughtered them. We then decided to wait on the path that the other group would come down. They did eventually return and we reunited and exchanged tales. They told us how they found the large kobold I had wounded. They bartered with it and traded a healing potion for information. The creature told them how something had drawn them from another realm, and that this realm was not their home. The kobold was then set free and he left.

Having taken care of the kobolds, we returned to Maya’s and reported our great success to her. I remember thinking, if she doesn’t give us food now after what we went through to help her, I would personally go destroy something else on her farm and lead her myriad farm animals in a violent revolt against her.

The End (thank the heavens).

Game #5 Building My Knowledge of Dragons

This battle was not one that seemed to hard at first. Our Frog like friend encountered him first. He told us that it was just a mere boy that stood before him. Their conversation was short, and eventually lead to our battle with a dragon. I have learned that dragons can take on the form of a human to allow for a miss guided appearance. I have also learned that he was intelligent, yet hasty. He took action before he thought of the out come, there for he must have been young. Although, he put up a great fight, he almost killed himself. Why would a young dragon do this? Was he so sure that he could beat my fellow adventures and I? I have learned his way, his skills, his tactics and will now be able to over come his darkness that is set off in battle. This dragon can take flight, but there must be some way for us to capture him, to ground him. My wife, the witch, and the druid would only stand a chance if he started to fly. Upon my next encounter with this creature I will find a way to slay him. I will learn of the ways of dragons, and I will pass this knowledge down. I would imagine that his hide would provide for a glamorous look around here. We might even give these people there sense courage back to face their fears. They will learn that nothing that attacks them is immortal, and that it can be brought down. I and my companions will show them that. As a ranger and keeper of all nature I vow to bring this evil that plagues the land to its knees.
~ Eildor (Shadow of the Forest)

Game #5 outline
  • The party, now rejoined above the forest cliffs continue on their return trip to Maya, the window’s Estates with news of fresh victory.
  • Pausing to recover the for the evening, shifts are established and the party hunkers down hoping to recover from the recent battles. Faleen the failed fisher fails at fishing in the fine frosty river by the forest. In the earliest hours of the morning, Chisurah successfully picks up some strange movement down the river banks. Investigation determines that the would be threat is none other than the slightly mad hermit Jare. Chisurah in frustration with Jare’s weird antics turns him away and returns to camp to calm the worries of the party and return to rest.
  • Recovered, the party arrives at Maya’s and is put off when they realize that she is not satisfied with a few Kobold kills, requiring instead the ousting of the problems source. Her concerns about this strange ‘rift’ that the attacks originated through, and the parties lack of information or reassurance that nothing else will come through lead her to resist fully backing their request to the town’s leadership with a full vote of confidence. Eventually the party is able to convince her and she turns over the majority of her stored food assets to the adventurers for the ‘trade gift’ for Durnhal. Still, she is fearful of additional attack and the resources given would have been usable to purchase other insurances.
  • The return trip to Ra’sel is managed, with a wide birth given to the now plagued portion of the route affected by the Necrotic influence of the Oblisk.
  • Supplies are gathered and prepared for the long trip to Durnhal with the successful support achieved from the majority of the towns community leaders. A hired hand is brought on to help assist with the horses and pony and general stockpiles by the name of ……, a local farmer who recently lost his lands and family to violent attack and had until now been drowning in the local bar. A guide is secured for the first part of the trip, navigating the eastern forest to the edges of Marrow Marshlands, where by the party is left to Renee & Eilonwy’s familiarity to help guide them.
  • Days quickly turn into weeks as the party moves east. Muck and rock, hunger and thirst, wild animals and monstrous attack all become the day to day dangers as the party drives into the heart of the wild. Crossing between swampy mire and rocky hills at the feet of the southern mountains already cresting their early snows of the fast approaching winter.
  • Early in their travels the party sought the easier ground of the hills bordering the swamps. Encountering a path that led through jagged rocky cliffs on one side, and pillars of shale and rock forming a loose canyon, they approached with caution. Something felt amiss to the parties most observant, and some scouting yielded information that the strange little holes permeating the walls of the cliffs and the bases of the pillars along with the edge of hearing clatter and buzz might belong to some kind of swarm. Caution proved the way and the party circled back, surrendering a loss of a couple of days travel against the, until now, quick path-finding work accomplished by the party.
  • Pushed down into the swamp (when given the path of higher into the mountains or the swamp), the parties progress speed was slowed by the nature of the terrain, but countered by the the home turf experience of Renee. Still, his path-finding couldn’t keep the party wholly safe. A large howl and roar shattered the soft sounds of the marsh. Investigation led to what appeared to be a large swamp troll struggling with vine nets. As the party moved in to attempt to remedy the situation, seeking to potentially tame a possible ally, the ruse was up and the Troll began to weave its supernatural powers controlling the razor-vines to attack in large bursts and blasts. The party pushed in to attempt the rescue of their party mate who’d braved the trolls proximity only to find its power daunting and it’s attacks fierce. And the verge of rout, the swamp surged alive with an entire tribe of Bullywug’s. In the confusion and chaos, Renee urged his allies to fall back and then to pick up the trail and move with haste before the battle finished and they again turned to prey, trespassing on Bullywug land as they were.
  • Falleen throws rocks (skips) across swamp water for the lack of exciting combat. Still no combat. Ponders growing a beard.
  • The Party arrives at the near halfway point (The would-be village of Veruccia Falls) of their journey after nearly 3 weeks. The cold winds of the mountains are beginning to chill the night air, even in the humid swampy lowlands.
  • Some time is spent talking to the local non-aggressive Bullywug’s of Renee’s nearly decimated home tribe. Some intuitive digging uncovers that there is a problem in the village that isn’t being mentioned by the elders. Some kind of smaller scale repeated attack that is slowly reducing the population. Where as no larger scale attacks have resulted from the local enemies of the swamp, the number of missing persons without witness has begun to grow. Bardic knowledge of Alewyn results in some information, albeit not specific enough to give name to the enemy. The attacker is thought to be intelligent, cunning, and fear, always attacking lone children, elderly, or easy prey.
    Bd lair01
  • The party sets aside their mission temporarily to attempt to set a trap. Initially their trap is either ineffective or detected, however an additional attempt strikes with just enough luck and success to pull out some activity. The battle itself that results is still one of confusion, darkness with the only luck resulting from the narrowly achieved expert shot of Chissurah who managed to bleed the creature as it slipped out into the dark waters, still unknown and now alerted to the active opposition.
  • Investigation and some tracking on the part of the witch, Eilonwy returned evidence that the creature was bleeding from the arrow wound. The party convinced the elders to finally help, small village canoe’s were requisition and the slow chase through the swamp was begun.
    Bd lair03
  • In a particularly fetid and putrid portion of the swamp a small island covered in dense swamp brambles was located as the probable lair. Witch’s light sent beneath the surface and some swimming on the part of the native, Renee, revealed an underwater passage into some kind of mud and root cave system.
    Bd lair05
  • The party in hot pursuit encounters its first trap, a simple mudslide-to-pit-of-spikes type. Luck was on their side and the party proceeded with more caution for engineered traps, only stumble into a naturally occurring defense, mushroom spore of the poisonous type. Still, the party navigated its way down a large vertical shaft with narrow ledge and several broken points where climbing and jumping became necessary.
  • Finally, a tunnel broke away into the earth as the floor would have opened out beneath the shaft onto a floor of stalagmites, leading down and then out on that level. The party, sending their wisp light ahead to light the cavern find the ramp curves around and down the cluster of stalagmites.
  • Navigating as such, Renee decides to double back to the higher ground for a better vantage, only to come face to face with a youth, of what appears to be dark elven descent. Pleasantries were exchanged followed by violence, darkness, acid clouds, claws and wings and snarling teeth all sung to the music of swords, song, arrows, primal and witch magic. There was even a cat. It died though.
    Bd lair06
  • Both sides under prepared and wounded, end the battle in a stalemate. The young black dragon weasels his way out from between the adventurers, pouring one last blast of caustic burning acid down on them before making his escape through a side exit hidden in the as of yet unexplored portion of the cave. The party is left with a temporary reprieve, rushing to tend wounds and attempt to recover before deciding the next plan of action.
Game #6 Outline
  • The party regroups itself, mending its dragon inflicted wounds.
  • Attempting to pursue the dragon deeper into its lair results in finding a secondary exit into the swamp. A large sinkhole and sludge & slime waterfall pouring deeper into unknown depths, leaving the players with a difficult, yet additional way out. Still no sighting of the dragon. However, his voice taunts the players through some kind of magical/telepathic shout, warning the players to “get out”.
  • The adventurers turn back into the lair seeking to find the dragons possible hoard in the hopes of baiting the dragon out to finish the fight and hopefully end the threat to the Verccio Falls people.
    Dragon hoard trap
  • Navigating down through an underwater tunnel from the area the initial fight took place, another set of tunnels is located. One who’s path is blocked by some kind of concealed tablet, buried across the path and covered in runes of power. Knowledge of the arcane turns up that the rune looks to be some kind of blasting enchantment, powerful and set to trigger on unknown conditions.
  • After a variety of plans are considered and exited, two adventurers manage to cross without triggering the trap. Warily leaving their companions behind, they delver further into the damp cave. Successfully crossing a large chasm, Renee & Alewynn capture the dragon’s hoard successfully and return to the party.
  • The return to the surface occurs without event. On the surface, the party decides to head deeper into the mire, seeking the surface location of the 2nd exit. Nearing the location they believe to hold their destination, the party is suddenly beset by a large crocodile and further endangered as a lizardman hunting party springs their ambush. Some are able to make it to the small swampy island to make a stand, while others are pulled from the tribal canoes and nearly taken by the large crocs. The battle is fierce, and at some cost, the party is able to prevail, driving off the lizardman attack.
Game #7 Outline
  • Regrouping after the intense assault of the lizardman the parties Witch, Elonwy staggers forward letting loose a piercing scream. She falls forward, her limbs nearly taking root in the swampy earth. The party stricken in surprise, move to check her condition when breaking free of the spell, she speaks of a strange vision that took her mind. No time to discuss with the sun falling quick to the horizon, leaving the swamp an even deadlier haven for attack the party takes to their canoes and makes for the village.
    Canoe swamp01
  • Light beginning to fail, and the swamp mists obscuring all things, the party detects shapes moving parallel, pacing and then overtaking their path. Soon, the party is put in a position of either angling off to one direction or forging straight into the gathering ‘uknown’ things.
    Canoe swamp02
  • The party chooses to move forward for fear of being herded, opting to confront these would be assailants. Moving forward cautiously, two bloodseeker drakes drop beneath the water and are lost to site whilst a flanking barrage of poisonous darts are fired from the mists. Ahead, various greenscale lizardmen move into skirmishing range, whilst slipping below the water for cover and concealment in their attacks. Soon the parties grouping of canoes is embroiled in full fledged combat and chaos. Some are tipped, one canoe makes it to shore, and all hell breaks loose. As the first serious injuries begin to bleed the murky waters, the drake bloodhounds go crazy, attacking with redoubled ferocity any who are within frenzy range, including their own masters. A windfall for the party as straights appeared dire, the party still being un-recovered and at resource’s end from the series of earlier battles.
    Canoe swamp03
  • As the battle looked to turn in favor of the adventurer’s a loud roar from deeper in the swamp cut loose, and one of the possible leader types fell back from the attack on the party. Shortly after returning with a massive blackskin lizardman brute, swinging a double fisted greatclub. The party, seeking to regroup to beat a hasty retreat gave pause as the greenskin lizardman appeared to be attempting to communicate rather than command the brute into attack.
  • Wishing to avoid additional conflict and perhaps parlay some kind of neutrality, the group began struggling to negotiate without the benefit of clear language. It appeared to the party that these lizardmen were in fact demanding the return of the dragon’s stolen hoard.
  • Attempting to convince the lizardman into summoning it’s dragonmaster forth for a showdown came to naught. The condition required for such an audience would leave the party without weapons and an easy lunch (by their assumption) for said dragon.
  • Negotiations rapidly came to critical mass as not all of the party were behaving as the lizardman was attempting to command. Sounding the warcall, the greenscale fell back while the large blackscale brute came smashing in to the side of the lead canoe, nearly knocking the parties bard from the boat in one fell hit. Her tenacity kept her on board, and the quick work of the rest of the party managed to speed the three canoes ahead and away from the large lizard creature.
  • Arriving back at the village, the tale was told. The town elders, now lost for the fate of their village begged assistance. And so it was that Renee, suggested exodus for the remaining villagers, and the trek to Durnhal to be begun at dawn. The night was quiet, if tense, but the break of dawn came peaceably enough. Now, two weeks into its trip, the party is just beginning to find a glimmer of hope of a safe passage out of the swamps dangers and inland to Durnhal. That is until in the latest hours of the night reveal the mental scream of their black winged enemy and the sound of evil wings gliding through the night…

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