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Onyx Dog, Level 4
This figurine, sculpted of reflective onyx, depicts a barking dog.
Wondrous Item 840 gp
Power (Daily ✦ Conjuration): Standard Action. Use
this figurine to conjure a black mastiff (see below for
statistics). As a free action, you can spend a healing surge
when activating this item to give the creature temporary
hit points equal to your healing surge value.
Power (At-Will): Immediate Reaction. Use this power
when an enemy adjacent to the onyx dog attacks you.
The onyx dog makes a bite attack against the attacker.
Onyx Dog
Medium natural animate
Initiative as conjurer Senses Perception 7: low-light vision
HP 9: Bloodied 4
AC 16: Fortitude 15, Refl ex 14, Will 13
Speed 8
M Bite (standard; at-will)
+7 vs. AC; 1d6 + 3 damage.
Alignment Unaligned Languages —
Str 16 (5) Dex 14 (4) Wis 13 (3)
Con 14 (4) Int 2 (–2) Cha 10 (2)

Cloak of Resistance +1, Level 2
This crimson-hemmed cloak can be activated to provide minor
resistance to all attacks.
Item Slot: Neck 540 gp
Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Power (Daily): Minor Action. Gain resist 5 to all damage
until the start of your next turn.

Boots of Stealth, Level 3
The soft leather soles and down lining of these supple boots
quiet your footsteps.
Item Slot: Feet 680 gp
Property: Gain a +2 item bonus to Stealth checks.

Eladrin Chainmail Armor +1, Level 3
Crafted by master eladrin armorsmiths, the fine links of this
chainmail sparkle in even the faintest light.
Armor: Chain 680 gp
Enhancement: AC
Property: Add 1 square to the maximum distance of any
teleport you make.
This armor has no speed or skill check penalties.

Deathcut Hide Armor +1, Level 5
Crafted from the hides of creatures slain by necromantic magic,
this armor radiates unease and offers protection against similar
Armor: Hide 1000 gp
Enhancement: AC
Property: Resist 5 necrotic and resist 5 poison.
Power (Daily ✦ Necrotic): Immediate Reaction. You can use
this power when an enemy hits you with a melee attack.
Deal 1d10 + Charisma modifier necrotic damage to that


The account of Group up grades:

Most items were found through the journey and not by the actual search for them. Note,that all items have been given to the proper individual who will be able to make use of it.


Current Items Found

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