One-Eyed Danen

Tavernkeep of the Golden Cross Inn & his mutt companion Charger.


Old one eye, or One eye’d Danen as he’s oft called, is the proprietor and barkeep of the Golden Cross Inn & Tavern, a welcome sight to those traveling through the lands of Deneb, be they merchant or road weary soul just passing through. His dog Charger is almost always near at hand, keeping the floor dutifully clean of scraps.

Danen can be trusted to know a good bit of whats going on in the region, being as how he speaks to just about every sort that moves to and fro. But then again, getting a dwarf to tell what he hears may be a challenge all to itself unless you’re trading in tales of equivalent value. Either way, you can at least trust to find yourself with the finest ale to ease the pains of being in the middle of nowhere.

One-Eyed Danen

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