A warrior Drow whose quick wits are only slightly slower than his impulsive sword.


Faleens’ Beginning.

So you want to know about me do you? Know my past and where I came from? Fine, I guess I’ll shed a little light on the dark elf called Faleen, not that it’ll do you any good.

I was born to house Xiloun in the great Drow city of Tsu’yon. I was raised just like every other Drow male; I was taught to fight, be deceptive, to trust no one, and most of all, that I was inferior in all aspects to female Drow. Now, for some reason, that last bit really struck a nerve with me growing up. Got me in a lot of trouble too. I was constantly being punished for being disobedient and rebellious. And I didn’t take to well to the Drow lifestyle. All the Drow houses did was fight amongst themselves to be the top house in Tsu’yon. It was a pointless life, often ending in a violent death. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed learning how to fight, be stealthy, I was actually a pretty well known assassin in despite of my other “shortcomings” in Drow society. But if I was going to die, it surely wasn’t going to be for some selfish, petty, scheming Drow matriarch so she could advance her position at my expense. I wanted to leave, but didn’t know how really. No one ever had before, not by choice anyway. Well, it turned out that fate was looking out for me.
One night, I was part of a raid to the surface; we were attacking an Eladrin encampment. Business as usual. I didn’t have any particular reason to dislike the Eladrin, they had never done anything to me, but I didn’t really have a reason to not fight them either. Well, apparently I had a problem with killing children. The female leading the raid told me to kill and Eladrin child. He was just a child! Couldn’t even lift a sword much less wield it. I refused to do it, so someone else did. I still can’t remember what happened then, but next thing I knew, the Drow that had killed the child was dead, and his blood covered my sword. To say the least, the other Drow didn’t like this. They tied me up, and intended to take me back to Tsu’yon to be punished. Now this is the part where fate comes in. Shortly after I am tied up, our group is attacked a very angry warband of Eladrin. In the ensuing melee, I manage to sneak away. I still don’t know why they didn’t tie my feet. Regardless, I got away! Well, almost. This Eladrin female catches up with me, and I’m pretty sure I am about to die, but she is just staring at me, and then she asks “Why are you tied up? What could you have done that was so horrible even the Drow want to punish you?” I shrugged and told her. “I wouldn’t kill a defenseless child.” The Eladrin just stared at me for a while. Then she briskly stepped forward and knocked me unconscious with the hilt of her sword.
I woke up to the sound of voices arguing. I looked around and saw I was lying on a stone floor. I was in some kind of round chamber; chairs sat in a circle, and in the chairs sat many Eladrin. They must have been the high council. They were shouting at something in my direction. I looked up to see the elf that had captured me, arguing with the council. I eventually gathered that they were arguing about what to do with me. Some wanted to kill me, some imprison me forever, some wanted to actually let me go, this option based on me having some kind of high morality (for a Drow anyway). The group wanting to give me freedom was the smallest group, and I didn’t like that too much, but what could I do? I was a Drow. Apparently someone noticed I was awake because everyone suddenly stopped shouting and looked intently at me. One council member told me to stand, so I did. I was then asked why my Drow allies had tied me up. I told them. That got several gasps from the council. A lot of them didn’t believe me, I could tell by the looks on their faces. The one who captured me began advocating my release again after my “testimony” had been given. The yelling began again. Somehow they eventually came to a decision. I could be set free, on the condition that the elf who captured me, and wanted to set me free, accompany me at all times, and that whatever I did was her responsibility. I still don’t know why, but she accepted these conditions. We were then cast from the Eladrin village we were in (her figuratively and me literally). She told me her name was Alewynn. I said it was nice to meet her and started walking away. Well this made her quite peeved. She began to berate me with how ungrateful I was, and how could I be so rude after what she had just done to me. I looked at her with no expression on my face and said, “I didn’t ask you to do that. And you didn’t ask if I wanted it.” ( I did prefer it to the other possibilities, but I wasn’t going to tell her that.) “The condition was that I was your responsibility, not that we had to be friends, or share stories, and even tell each other our names. As far as I am concerned, you are an inconvenient baggage I now have to tow with me wherever I go.” I wasn’t too nice back then to say the least.
After a few days of traveling to nowhere in particular, we had begun talking and getting to know each other despite my best efforts. She was alright, for an Eladrin. She had a nice singing voice anyway, and she could play the lyre very nicely. Well, I somehow came to a decision that I wanted to discover more about myself. All my life I had been dictated by Drow society, and I wanted to know who I was without it now. Alewynn suggested a temple in the Far East that she knew of, ran by a group of monks known as the Order of the Lotus. I had no reason not to go, so I went. I stayed there and studied for several years, discovering who I was, and training myself in the martial disciplines and arts. I even developed something of a conscience and was taught right and wrong by the monks, since I had no idea of the concept. After several years I emerged as an almost entirely different Drow than when I entered. I had this strange sensation in me, a burning desire to explore, and adventure. Alewynn and I decided to travel west, and we decided to settle down in a small city called Ra’Sel. And here, is where my real adventure begins…


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