Alewynn- Bard of the Eladrin


With midnight colored tresses falling in waves nearly to her waist, Alewynn’s appearance is quite uncommon among the Eladrin, leaving some to wonder if one parent could have been an elf of the forest. Her pupil-less eyes set over high cheek bones and a delicate mouth, seem to reflect light like twin emerald pools. She dresses elegantly if simply, and either a lyre or woodwind is always seen hanging from her belt. But perhaps her most memorable characteristic is the brightly colored cloak flowing from her shoulders. Flawlessly seamed together with ruby, emerald, and golden hues, the fabric seems luminescent…perhaps even otherworldy. Truly the cloak of a bard.


Alewynn, a skilled bard of the Eladrin people, is known among humans for her ability to bring peace and renewed strength with her words and lilting music. Her use of bard magic is also employed in battle to vanquish foes along with her skill of the longsword.


Graceful and composed, but with no lack of quick wit, Alewynn’s presence tends to cultivate respect and favor from those around her. She is seen by others as an advocate for the people, a bridge between commoners and nobles. Surprisingly compassionate, Alewynn can often be found rallying on behalf of those who have been dealt with unjustly. Any who take advantage of those weaker than themselves are not far from tasting the bard’s wrath.

Brief History

Orphaned during early childhood, Alewynn’s upbringing was taken over by none other than Sycurath himself, one of the most renowned bards among the Eladrin. During her youth, as other Eladrin children played in the forests of the Feywild, Alewynn spent her days listening to the stories and songs of bards. This naturally cultivated a curiousity about the natural realm and the people who dwealt there. As her bardic training progressed, she spent her time pouring through ancient texts, learning as much as she could, in particular, about the human race. Alewynn came to admire the strength, compassion, and moral conviction in humanity that she so often found lacking in her mentor.

Her interest eventually became a sore spot between herself and Sycurath, who believed that as a High Elf bard, the purpose of historic study was to learn how to sway the beliefs of others and better manipulate their weaknesses in favor of the Eladrin. Alewynn was repelled by his superior mindset, which seemed to be shared by many others of her race, and longed to use the power of the bard for something other than selfish motives. She soon felt isolated among her brethren and longed all the more to be untethered and free to explore the natural realm. For this reason, she often jumped at the chance to leave the Feywild.

When reports circulated of a Drow company advancing towards one of the entrances to the Eladrin realm, Alewynn did not hesitate to volunteer as part of a defense unit. It was during subsequent events that she became bound to the Drow, Faleen, and was no longer permitted to enter her homelands. Though not entirely favorable, this new arrangement afforded Alewynn the opportunity she sought to travel the lands of the natural realm. At Faleen’s request, Alewynn accompanied him to the far east and left him in the charge of Monks, giving him the opportunity to study under the Order of the Lotus. She spent the next year traveling the lands, unwittingly making her name known, and eventually settled in a small village by the name of Ra’sel. Not long after, she was joined by Faleen and the two began to develop a rather unorthodox friendship.


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