Game #4 Vision of the wolf


The others are here, going through this wood with a purpose. One is uncertain what that purpose is, but it cannot be good. These do not seem a threat, one cannot be too careful. Especially after what happened. This one will continue to follow those others until they make a mistake. It will be their loss, of which one cares not.
These are going towards the evil place. One could simply allow stupidity to take care of these, for any are stupid to go there. One will wait and see what happens.
Ah, these have stopped for the ending of the day cycle. Smart. These have an oddness to them. These do not seem normal. One will wait for an opportunity to occur. One feels caution is necessary. A little closer perhaps. These have unnatural abilities to sense things.
Some of these are heading my way, separate from the others. Now is the opportunity. One advances on the other. Aaaaahhhhhhrrg! Where did this light come from? And now there are two. No matter, it is no challenge for this one. Someone must pay for this one’s hurt. One decides to charge the others but a mighty wind comes from nowhere. Unnatural. One…must….must….figh, no, one….must stop and not hurt these new ones. These are now my pack and this one must protect them from the evil that is here.
One will go to this green one and wait.
These seek to go to the high ground? No, No, this must not be. It is the place of the evil!!! These do not understand but one must protect. These are determined to go up. One must see them safely, then, to their task. Good, these are following. One will lead these to the go up area. These are slow, but still determined.
Good, we make it to the high ground, but wait, why do these wish to go the evil way? It must not be. This one cannot stop them. This one will follow along and, what is that? That smell? THE EVIL ONES! One will take care of this, though one must leave this pack. Maybe what is done can be undone and one will get back the pups. THERE! Just going out of sight. This one will cut it off and have satisfaction.
YES!!! One is gaining on the evil one and it is by itself. Stupid evil one. One must be very quiet. Almost there…..and….GOT HIM!
This one will find the others and show them the evil one. They are at the evil place. Will these always invite danger? No matter, what is done is done. There. The others must understand what is happening.
WolfcubsGood, they understand and are following the tracks of the evil ones. This one will help, no, they will hurt the pups! No, these are part of the pack. There! Up ahead! The pups are there. So young, but full of bite. Good pups! We will take of these evil ones and these others, no these others are good. One must help them. These others are now fighting the evil ones. This good and distracts the evil ones so one can pick them one by one. That is this binding around the pups? Why can they not get free?! They are in agony, and one must get them.
Grrrrrrr, who are these with my pups? When one is finished with this evil ones, this one will take care of these. Wait, these are releasing the pups and the pups are calm. One will see what happens. These do not seem to hurt the pups. This is good for them.
They are free and running to this one. Good. These are safe for now, for this one will not hunt them in thanks for freeing the pups. But there is always a tomorrow.


Epic wolf-cam! I love it! :) I love the point of view..fantastic! :)

Game #4 Vision of the wolf

Thanks, and thanks for adding the picture. Coolness!

Game #4 Vision of the wolf

:) No problem..it’s been a crazy night. You and I both posted updates to the adventure log within minutes of each other too. haha. Thank you so much for your contribution. Mine was just a boring point by point. I love the in character, and point of view versions much more:) Also, sorry if everyone’s email got spammed during the updates..it wasn’t until the end that I realized that most were tagged for notification.. eek. fixed it.

Game #4 Vision of the wolf

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