Game #4 Odd Occurrence

We are retracing our steps….good for the new hero’s that join us, but we are wasting our time…we should be searching for these beast that attacked Maya’s farm. After going over the locations we have come up with a plan to head toward the ruins. Finally, we can continue to track these creatures. WAIT….I feel like eyes are piercing me from the side. The air gives no smell, but it is keeping up with us. It has not attacked us yet, but I will be watchful of what is out there. For not all things are friendly in this land…

We are at the cliff side now and are setting up camp. The eyes, I felt earlier, are still on us. Movement sets off a trap set by the frog like companion. It is gone, movement and tactics…. hmm…is this what I think….but how can it be. They never travel by their self. We will see…There is a light over head. It give off light as the ball in the sky would during the day. We saw the creature. IT IS ALL ALONE!!!!! There is something wrong with the wolf. Our arcane friend charmed this beast…I will still be cautious while she is around.

Kobold pot pie Up the wall we go, but not the way I would like. The wolf leads us another way. We have come to this area that looks like an old elven out post…hmm…something isn’t right. The wolf isn’t with us. The fire here is new…these tracks are new. We will follow them for they are not that far. HAH!!! Time for my pet and I to get a little training in. As we entered into battle with these creatures we saw the pups, and the mother trying to help them. We must help her with the pup for the mother of all nature will bless us. As we slay them one by one they begin to run..Cowards!!!!

I will post the head of there tribe on this pole to let them know what will become of them..May they know not to ever mess with us or natures creatures ever again….

~Eildor (Shadow of the Forest)



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