Game #7 Outline

  • Regrouping after the intense assault of the lizardman the parties Witch, Elonwy staggers forward letting loose a piercing scream. She falls forward, her limbs nearly taking root in the swampy earth. The party stricken in surprise, move to check her condition when breaking free of the spell, she speaks of a strange vision that took her mind. No time to discuss with the sun falling quick to the horizon, leaving the swamp an even deadlier haven for attack the party takes to their canoes and makes for the village.
    Canoe swamp01
  • Light beginning to fail, and the swamp mists obscuring all things, the party detects shapes moving parallel, pacing and then overtaking their path. Soon, the party is put in a position of either angling off to one direction or forging straight into the gathering ‘uknown’ things.
    Canoe swamp02
  • The party chooses to move forward for fear of being herded, opting to confront these would be assailants. Moving forward cautiously, two bloodseeker drakes drop beneath the water and are lost to site whilst a flanking barrage of poisonous darts are fired from the mists. Ahead, various greenscale lizardmen move into skirmishing range, whilst slipping below the water for cover and concealment in their attacks. Soon the parties grouping of canoes is embroiled in full fledged combat and chaos. Some are tipped, one canoe makes it to shore, and all hell breaks loose. As the first serious injuries begin to bleed the murky waters, the drake bloodhounds go crazy, attacking with redoubled ferocity any who are within frenzy range, including their own masters. A windfall for the party as straights appeared dire, the party still being un-recovered and at resource’s end from the series of earlier battles.
    Canoe swamp03
  • As the battle looked to turn in favor of the adventurer’s a loud roar from deeper in the swamp cut loose, and one of the possible leader types fell back from the attack on the party. Shortly after returning with a massive blackskin lizardman brute, swinging a double fisted greatclub. The party, seeking to regroup to beat a hasty retreat gave pause as the greenskin lizardman appeared to be attempting to communicate rather than command the brute into attack.
  • Wishing to avoid additional conflict and perhaps parlay some kind of neutrality, the group began struggling to negotiate without the benefit of clear language. It appeared to the party that these lizardmen were in fact demanding the return of the dragon’s stolen hoard.
  • Attempting to convince the lizardman into summoning it’s dragonmaster forth for a showdown came to naught. The condition required for such an audience would leave the party without weapons and an easy lunch (by their assumption) for said dragon.
  • Negotiations rapidly came to critical mass as not all of the party were behaving as the lizardman was attempting to command. Sounding the warcall, the greenscale fell back while the large blackscale brute came smashing in to the side of the lead canoe, nearly knocking the parties bard from the boat in one fell hit. Her tenacity kept her on board, and the quick work of the rest of the party managed to speed the three canoes ahead and away from the large lizard creature.
  • Arriving back at the village, the tale was told. The town elders, now lost for the fate of their village begged assistance. And so it was that Renee, suggested exodus for the remaining villagers, and the trek to Durnhal to be begun at dawn. The night was quiet, if tense, but the break of dawn came peaceably enough. Now, two weeks into its trip, the party is just beginning to find a glimmer of hope of a safe passage out of the swamps dangers and inland to Durnhal. That is until in the latest hours of the night reveal the mental scream of their black winged enemy and the sound of evil wings gliding through the night…



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