Game #6 Outline

  • The party regroups itself, mending its dragon inflicted wounds.
  • Attempting to pursue the dragon deeper into its lair results in finding a secondary exit into the swamp. A large sinkhole and sludge & slime waterfall pouring deeper into unknown depths, leaving the players with a difficult, yet additional way out. Still no sighting of the dragon. However, his voice taunts the players through some kind of magical/telepathic shout, warning the players to “get out”.
  • The adventurers turn back into the lair seeking to find the dragons possible hoard in the hopes of baiting the dragon out to finish the fight and hopefully end the threat to the Verccio Falls people.
    Dragon hoard trap
  • Navigating down through an underwater tunnel from the area the initial fight took place, another set of tunnels is located. One who’s path is blocked by some kind of concealed tablet, buried across the path and covered in runes of power. Knowledge of the arcane turns up that the rune looks to be some kind of blasting enchantment, powerful and set to trigger on unknown conditions.
  • After a variety of plans are considered and exited, two adventurers manage to cross without triggering the trap. Warily leaving their companions behind, they delver further into the damp cave. Successfully crossing a large chasm, Renee & Alewynn capture the dragon’s hoard successfully and return to the party.
  • The return to the surface occurs without event. On the surface, the party decides to head deeper into the mire, seeking the surface location of the 2nd exit. Nearing the location they believe to hold their destination, the party is suddenly beset by a large crocodile and further endangered as a lizardman hunting party springs their ambush. Some are able to make it to the small swampy island to make a stand, while others are pulled from the tribal canoes and nearly taken by the large crocs. The battle is fierce, and at some cost, the party is able to prevail, driving off the lizardman attack.



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