Game #4 Outline

Maya s j01

  • After the 2nd battle outside the expanding danger of the Necrotic obelisk along the pathway to Maya’s, the party sought solace and a night’s rest at Maya’s estate.
  • The party solidified their plan to navigate the deeper woods and cross country into the area they suspect contains the old ruins of one of the elven defensive forts.
  • The party proceeded to travel cross country.
  • Party Noticed Large Beast stalking them within the wood line paralleling their path of travel while moving towards their destination
  • Party arrives at base of cliff at dusk and decide to set up a small perimeter defense and camp the night, posting guards (sleepless elves for the most part)
  • In the deep early morning, one of the guards heard some kind of movement in the brush and awakened the party. After some exploratory actions, two of the party moved out of the protective enclosure to investigate at which time a large wolf attacked from a different direction. Between the witch’s vision and some quick work with charm magic, the conflict was resolved with the wolf temporarily allied to the party.
  • The party, after some discussion changed their course of travel from climbing the cliff to following the wolf along an unknown path of travel which lead to a means up the cliff side.
  • The party arrived at the site of the old Elven fort ruins and began investigating. Discovering what looked to be evidence of Kobold inhabitants, the party found what looked like wolf cub tracks, leading the party to believe that the mother wolf they had charmed was being coerced by the Kobolds as her cubs were held hostage.
  • The party setup to stage an ambush, but as time passed, picked up clues from the she wolf, and then tracks, that the Kobolds had taken her cubs and made a hasty retreat from the ruins.
    Kobold wolf 01 Kobold wolf 03
  • In hot pursuit, the party made time to catch the Kobolds, which in time lead to to a fierce battle in the middle of the woods. In the end, the charm spell broke on the she wolf, but her aims were to free her cubs, which the party was able to successfully accomplish resulting in her non-aggression. Of the battle, 4 Kobolds escaped, fleeing into the woods.
  • The party split into two groups to pursue the fleeing Kobolds, hoping to capture and gain information on the situation relating to Maya’s estates, and the strange nature of their comings and goings and any possible connections to the encroachment of Nectropos’ dark power.
  • The first group made a hasty path cross country, attempting, and then successfully cutting off 3 of the Kobolds. The second group pursued the original tracks, slower, but ending with the face off with the wounded and near death Kobold who had posed a very fierce defense during the initial conflict. Outnumbered this Kobold begged for his life, and promised a great reward should the party heal him and allow him to leave. After much negotiating and intimidation, the party was able to acquire this treasure (surprised that the Kobold spoke true) and upheld their portion of the agreement, healing the Kobold and leaving him to flee the region.
  • Above the cliff top path, the party has rejoined its forces and now plan their next step in the journey.



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