Game #5 Building My Knowledge of Dragons

This battle was not one that seemed to hard at first. Our Frog like friend encountered him first. He told us that it was just a mere boy that stood before him. Their conversation was short, and eventually lead to our battle with a dragon. I have learned that dragons can take on the form of a human to allow for a miss guided appearance. I have also learned that he was intelligent, yet hasty. He took action before he thought of the out come, there for he must have been young. Although, he put up a great fight, he almost killed himself. Why would a young dragon do this? Was he so sure that he could beat my fellow adventures and I? I have learned his way, his skills, his tactics and will now be able to over come his darkness that is set off in battle. This dragon can take flight, but there must be some way for us to capture him, to ground him. My wife, the witch, and the druid would only stand a chance if he started to fly. Upon my next encounter with this creature I will find a way to slay him. I will learn of the ways of dragons, and I will pass this knowledge down. I would imagine that his hide would provide for a glamorous look around here. We might even give these people there sense courage back to face their fears. They will learn that nothing that attacks them is immortal, and that it can be brought down. I and my companions will show them that. As a ranger and keeper of all nature I vow to bring this evil that plagues the land to its knees.
~ Eildor (Shadow of the Forest)



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